Mold Regulation 

Grand Traverse County Environmental Health does not regulate or investigate mold problems.  There are no recognized standards for acceptable levels of mold in indoor environments, therefore there are no regulations for the County to enforce.

I have mold in my home - Home Owners - Please Help!

First, remember that mold needs moisture to grow.  Mold testing is usually not necessary and inconclusive. Focus on repairing or eliminating sources of moisture and be sure to safely clean and remove the existing mold and/or water damaged materials.  For proper methods, please click here.

I have mold in my home - Renters - Please Help!

If you are tenant and think you may have an issue with mold you may need to determine who is responsible for maintenance by reviewing your lease agreement and contacting your landlord.  Some cities and townships have code enforcement departments that may be able to assist.

What if I suspect mold in my workplace?

All workplace related concerns should be relayed to your employer or the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MiOSHA).They can be contacted at 1-800-866-4674 or by visiting their website..