Sheriff Foreclosure Sale

Grand Traverse County Sheriff Foreclosure Sales are conducted on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 10:00am on the third floor of the historical court house located at 328 Washington Street, Traverse City, MI 49684. Sales that fall on the date of a holiday will be adjourned to the next sale date scheduled for the month. Properties to be sold at auction by the Sheriff's Office are generally advertised in the Traverse City Record Eagle.

Sales of property are “open-type” auction sales with the plaintiff normally submitting an opening bid. Anyone present can enter a 3rd party bid on the property being auctioned. In order to successfully obtain the highest bid, you must enter a bid that is at least $1.00 more than the plaintiffs or anyone who has placed a bid before you. Bids will be accepted for a period of time up to one hour after the auction has started. The auctioneer reserves the right to extend the auction in the event competing bids are entered on a property.

The successful third party bidder is required to pay the total of the bid amount in bank-certified funds made payable to the mortgage company listed in the note. In the case of a surplus amount, a separate bank-certified check must be provided made payable to Grand Traverse County. At the conclusion of the sale, all payments are to be made at the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office prior to 1:00pm. The successful bidder is responsible for any and all legal encumbrances on the property, including real estate taxes and additional fees.

If you have a serious interest in a property, you may desire to contact a title company or an attorney to perform a title search. Questions regarding the legalities of purchasing a foreclosed home should be directed to an attorney that specializes in foreclosures. Further, it is the buyer’s responsibility to have the occupants legally removed if the property is occupied.

The Sheriff's Office does not know whether or not persons occupy the property. Further, we cannot give permission for any prospective bidders to enter and inspect any structure that may be located on the property to be sold. All properties are sold "as is". The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office does not have any specific information regarding the condition of the property being sold. Persons interested in obtaining information about a property are encouraged to contact the plaintiff or their attorney of record.

There are times a sale does not take place as advertised due to adjournment, settlement, or cancellation. All sales are subject to cancellation or adjournment at any time without notice. Please contact us at 231-995-5001 if you have any questions regarding our foreclosure sales.

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