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Day Trips

Enjoy a one-day excursion via deluxe motorcoach transportation. These trips are a perfect way to enjoy traveling hassle-free, including comfortable seating, onboard restroom, and front door drops off and pick up.  Registration is accepted on a first come first serve bases with payment in full and all necessary forms completed.

Extended/Overnight/International Trips

Ranging from 3 to 15 days of travel and may include flights, deluxe motorcoach transportation, or both.  Once at your destination, you will enjoy your stay at a luxury hotel with a perfect mix of scheduled activities and downtime to see all the highlights the area has to offer. Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve bases with an initial down payment and all necessary forms completed. 

2023 Senior Center Network Trips

  1. Girl's Day Out Consignment Shopping 
  2. Alaska Trip 
  3. Pacific Coast Highlights
  4. Casino Overnight 
  5. Ark and Creation Trip 
  6. Costa Rica 
  7. Grand Experience
  8. Veterans Day in Branson 

Girl's Day Out Consignment Shopping

Day trip: May 9, 2023

$165 Per Person

Full Payment due at Registration

Pick Up Location: Traverse City

View the Girl's Day Out brochure here

This is the ultimate consignment store shop hop. This year we will travel to a mystery destination. For those who haven’t, expect to explore the kind of treasures you simply can’t find in traditional stores.

We have carefully planned a route and will take you to premiere consignment stores in style. We do stop at one thrift store with a purpose! Forget the hassle of finding a parking space, getting lost, or spending time looking for a good place to eat! Let us do the work while you enjoy the day with friends.

Activity Level: 2

Pick-up Locations: Traverse City, Kingsley, Fife Lake
*This tour is limited to 35 guests. 

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