Our training consists of 4 phases that are structured in a way to allow for maximum learning, application, and successful completion.

Phases of Training
  1. Phase 1: Geography and Call Taking
  2. Phase 2: Fire Dispatch, EMS Dispatch and Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN)
  3. Phase 3: Police Dispatch
  4. Shadow Phase
During the shadow phase, the trainee will be given time to be observed functioning under their own ability with very little to no assistance from a trainer. The trainee will be observed closely by a Communication Training Officer (CTO) or supervisor, but will not receive active training during this time. This is the phase where the trainee shows what they have learned throughout the whole program and proves they can handle the job requirements under their own ability.

Successful Completion Requirements

  1. Receive a passing grade on all testing through all phases.
  2. Complete shadow phase without issues.
  3. Become certified in emergency medical dispatch.
  4. Become certified in CPR.
  5. Become certified in Michigan LEIN.