Erosion and sedimentation are 2 separate, but inter-related processes. Both processes cause different types of environmental damage and require different control measures to minimize the impacts.

Erosion is the process by which the land surface is worn away by the action of wind, water, ice, or gravity. In simple terms, it is the process where soil particles are dislodged or detached and put in motion.

Sedimentation is the process whereby the detached particles generated by erosion are deposited elsewhere on the land or in lakes, streams, and wetlands. Together, the 2 processes result in soil being detached, carried away, and eventually deposited elsewhere.

Earth Change

Earth change means a human-made change in the natural cover or topography of land, including cut and fill activities, which may result in or contribute to soil erosion or sedimentation of the waters of the state. Earth change does not include the practice of plowing or tilling soil for the purpose of crop production.
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