Alleged Mentally Ill

The Prosecutor’s Office represents every person who files a petition in Grand Traverse County requesting that the Probate Court determine that an individual is in need of involuntary mental health treatment.

The goal of these cases is to ensure that an individual’s due process rights are being protected while at the same time ensuring the safety of that individual and the safety of the community. To reach this goal, the Prosecutor’s Office works with:
  • Attorneys
  • Community Mental Health
  • Family
  • Munson Medical Center
  • The petitioner (the person requesting that someone get treatment)
  • The Probate Court Judge
  • Probate Court staff
  • For assistance in filing a petition for involuntary mental health treatment, call Northern Lakes Community Mental Health at 231-922-4850.
  • For further information and assistance from Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, visit their website.
  • For further information and assistance regarding involuntary mental health treatment, contact Grand Traverse County Probate Court at 231-922-6862 or visit their website.
Involuntary mental health treatment forms are available online.