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The Senior Center Network provides seniors the opportunity to travel home and abroad with an extensive group travel program.  We work with various trip providers to plan adventures near and far.  We look to provide something for everyone with day trips and extended vacations.  Be sure to note the activity level for each tour, as this is what defines required abilities on a tour.  

Adventure is Calling

Adventure is calling your name.  I looked up the definition of "adventure", and this is what I found - "an exciting or remarkable experience."  The Senior Center plans our travel adventures in three year cycles.  We have a travel committee that meets, to decide where we should venture over the next three years.  This list is compiled from the many suggestions given to us by you, our faithful travelers, our staff and our service providers.  2021 is full of what we think are places you'll love.  Some are familiar to you, but we haven't been there in awhile, others are favorites that we include every year and then there are brand new adventures that we've never explored.  Take a look, with an open mind and a sense of curiosity and I trust you will not be disappointed. 

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