If I want to pay my civil infraction traffic ticket, what do I do?
Read the information and follow the directions provided on the back of the traffic ticket and on the fines and costs envelope you may have received from the police officer. If your traffic offense is listed on the fines and cost envelope, you may pay the ticket by mail (exceptions will be noted) within 10 calendar days of the date on the ticket. Sign the back of the ticket in the appropriate place, make your personal check, money order, or certified check payable to the 86th District Court and mail the signed ticket and payment to the court address on the front of the ticket.

For your convenience, a payment drop box is located in front of the Robert P. Griffin Hall of Justice, 280 Washington Street, in Traverse City for payments on a Grand Traverse County ticket.

Credit Card payments may be made 24 hours a day online.

If your offense is not listed on the fines and costs envelope or you have questions, contact the court in the county where the ticket was written (County is indicated on front of ticket near the middle):
Grand Traverse County Phone: 231-922-4580
Antrim County Phone: 231-533-6441
Leelanau County Phone: 231-256-8250

If you wish to provide the court with an explanation, submit the explanation on or before the appearance date and the court will mail the judgment, along with fines/costs information to the address on the ticket.Pay traffic tickets online.

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