What are 3 methods for harvesting your compost?
- Dump out the contents of your bin and form many small piles. The worms will go to the center of each pile to hide from the light. Prepare the bin with fresh bedding. Put the worms back into the bin. Gather up the worm-free compost to use as desired.
- Push your compost and worms over to one side of the box. Fill the other side of the box with fresh bedding and food. Begin burying your food scraps only on the new side. In their search for food, the worms will migrate over to the side with the new bedding. In a few weeks, you can take out the worm-free compost.
- Dump 2/3 of your bin, worms and all, into your garden. Add fresh bedding and food to the bin for the remaining worms.

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8. What are 3 methods for harvesting your compost?