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Parks & Recreation

  1. Amphitheater Inquiry
  2. Civic Center Athletic Field Advertising

    Advertise your business at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center! The Parks and Recreation Department is currently taking inquiries... More…

  3. Event Support Documentation Submission

    The following submission form is for submitting support information and documentation for reservations.

  4. Newsletter Request

    Please use this form to request to have a copy of the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation quarterly seasonal newsletter mailed... More…

  1. Central YMCA Work Order Request

    Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. The Parks Office Manager will follow up on each request.

  2. Contact your Grand Traverse County Parks Department

    Please leave a message regarding your suggestion, problem, or concern.

  3. Grand Traverse County Parks Survey (1-1-2023 to 8-22-2023)
  4. Power Island Camping Survey (5-25-2023 to 8-22-2023)