• 2 women and an Indian Chief
  • A group of people standing being the Senior Center banner
  • Women at a Valentines party with heart decorations
  • Men and women, some in cowboy hats, sitting at a table near a window
  • Men and women meeting at a picnic table next to kayaks by the water
  • Ladies sitting at a table eating and talking at Christmas time
  • Ladies dressed up for Halloween with a gypsy and crystal ball
  • Groups of people in matching shirts playing wii bowling on the TV
  • Adults in matching t-shirts and bicycle helmets on
  • A view of a beach along the bay
  • A room full of people, some in uniform, talking and sitting at tables
  • A room full of people sitting and talking at tables
  • A group of women in the snow with skis on
  • A group of women at a green table with green decorations
  • A group of people standing behind a pony
  • A group of people sitting at a long table about to eat
  • A group of people in matching, pink, wii t-shirts
  • A group of people holding up a handmade quilt
  • A group of people dressed up for Halloween
  • A group of people building a shed outside
  • A group of men and women holding a sign for BrightStar organization
  • A Christmas tree decorated with mittens and stocking caps
  • 2 people holding stuffed bees and 3 people standing behind them

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