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1. How do I get my support order modified?
2. If I have been paying my child support and the custodial parent is not allowing parenting time as stated in my court order, do I have to keep paying support?
3. The non-custodial parent is not making regular child support payments, do I have to allow him/her to have parenting time?
4. I paid my child support directly to my co-parent, can I get credit?
5. We both want to pay direct, can we do so?
6. Do I have to pay child support after my child reaches 18?
7. If I am receiving public assistance, do I still get child support?
8. Is the Friend of the Court responsible for making sure that child support money is being spent on the children?
9. I am in jail without work release, do I have to pay child support?
10. How do I get an Income Withholding Order started to have the child support taken from my pay?