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1. If I am over the age of 70, do I have to serve?
2. If I am a full-time college student, am I exempt from jury duty?
3. Do the courts provide daycare or transportation?
4. If I am a nursing mother, can I be excused from jury duty service?
5. If I am a stay-at-home parent, can I be excused from jury duty service?
6. I am not a United States citizen. Why was I selected?
7. May I bring my laptop, pager and/or cell phone with me?
8. What do I do if I live in another state for the winter months?
9. If I am hearing impaired, do I need to get a doctor's note to be excused?
10. I am legally blind. Can I still serve on a jury?
11. My job is too demanding (or I work in a small office/am self employed) and I don’t have time to serve on a jury. Do I still have to serve?
12. I have recently moved to another county/state. What do I need to do to be excused from service?
13. My summons states that my service term is 1 day or 1 trial, whichever is longer. What does that mean?
14. What if personal or religious beliefs prohibit me from passing judgment on others?
15. I am a smoker. Will I be able to go outside to take a break?