Grant Funding

East Bay Township- $80,787.81- 2021

Grant funding went to East Bay Charter Township, in the amount of $80,787.81 to provide reimbursement for the gap funding for the interim response activities related to the replacement of private drinking water wells in the Pine Grove subdivision that was contaminated with PFAS compounds from an off-site source.

Commongrounds Cooperative- $108,226.50- 2021

Grant funding went to Commongrounds, LLC in the amount of $108,226.50 to assist with the environmental due care analysis to evaluate the soil and ground water management on site, based on the previous environmental investigation performed in April/May 2019 on the property. 

The initial investigation approved by the GTCBRA for LBRF allocation included sampling soils that must be removed from the site to provide for building construction to determine disposal requirements, and to delineate impacted soils that may be removed from the site, and also included groundwater sampling to address potential dewatering discharge options. 

Former County EMS Ambulance Garage- $26,099.95- 2020

Grant funding went for the creation of a Brownfield Plan to allow for the former County EMS Ambulance Garage located at 410 South Elmwood to qualify as a Eligible Property in order to complete Brownfield Environmental Department Specific Eligible Activities.

GT Commons-Power Plant- $25,621- 2019

Grant funding went to Minervini Group in the amout of $25,621, to help the former Power House located at 911 Silver Drive within the Grand Traverse Commons Complex. The Power House is one of the last remaining larger sites slated for redevelopment in the Commons. 

This property is comprised of approximately 4.4 acres and includes approximately 77,000 square feet of potentially usable building space. The majority of the building still included the former boilers and equipment that was utilized to heat the Old State Hospital.  

GT Commons- $11,202.50- 2019

Grant funding in the amount of $11,202.50 went to help remove the Red Drive Abandoned Pipe for the Historic Barns Park located at 1500 Red Drive. The grant went towards to the removal of the asbestos containing material, demolition and removal of the pipeline, and the associated oversight and reporting. 

The City of TC and Charter Township of Garfield Recreational Authority requested for grant dollars for the abatement of asbestos containing material and demolition and removal of an above ground pipe containing ACM located on the “Commons Property” within the Boundaries of the approved Grand Traverse Commons Brownfield Plan. 

SEEDS- $5,722.50- 2018

Grant funding went to Seeds in the amount of $5,722.50, for the overage related to the SEEDs contract for planting trees at Hotel Indigo/TC Place. under the United States Forest Service (USFS) Phytoremediation Grant that ran from October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2018.  An error was made in review of the invoices and later clarification identified that the invoice had not been paid prior to the close out of the grant.  In order to pay Seeds actual cost, the LBRF paid the outstanding invoice.  

All partners, including the City, County, Watershed, Cherry Festival and Parks Board, met to evaluate west bay tree planting and shrub replacement near the volleyball court not in the open space. Planting was done to help minimize the effects of the cyanide plume.  Planting was completed September 2018.  

Boardman River Dam- $500,000- 2018

Grant funding went to Grand Traverse County in the amount of $500,000 for reimbursement for the Brownfield Eligible Activities that have been undertaken at the Eligible Property related to the Boardman River Restoration Project.  The findings of the study determined the course of action would be to remove three (3) of the dams (Brown Bridge, Boardman and Sabin) and restore the river bed to its relic path.

Village of Kingsley- $26,380.75- 2014

Grant funding went to the Village of Kingsley in the amount of $26,380.75 to provide help for the removal of asbestos at the former Farmers Cooperative Building located at 200 E Mail St.