Conservatorship or Protective Order - Grand Traverse County Probate Court

Conservatorship for Adults

A conservatorship may be necessary when an individual is unable to manage his/her property and affairs effectively due to: 

  • Chronic intoxication
  • Chronic use of drugs
  • Confinement
  • Detention by a foreign power
  • Disappearance
  • Mental deficiency
  • Mental illness
  • Physical illness or disability
The individual to be protected may also petition for a conservator if they are mentally competent but unable to manage his or her property and affairs effectively due to age or physical infirmity.

Protective Orders

A Protective Order is designed to be used when protection is needed in a particular transaction or situation, involving a single court appearance, and is sought when a conservatorship is not necessary.
Please refer to form PC667, What You Need to Know Before Filing a Petition to Appoint a Conservator (PDF) for more information.


When completing the Petition for Appointment of Conservator and/or Protective Order please refer to our instructions Conservator of an Adult Instructions page. For more information, please view the following documents:


A conservatorship may be necessary for a minor when the minor:
  • Has or may have business affairs that may be jeopardized or prevented by minority
  • Needs money for support and education and that protection is necessary or desirable to obtain or provide money
  • Owns money or property that requires management or protection that cannot otherwise be provided