Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence includes assault crimes committed against family members or between individuals who reside together, have children together, or have a dating relationship. 

Our goal at the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor's Office is to hold offenders accountable while ensuring the safety of the victim. We realize that this is a crime that often affects entire families (victim, defendant, children and other relatives).


Niki Dunwiddie is the advocate specifically assigned to Domestic Violence cases. Ms. Dunwiddie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works with victims to ensure their safety, have access to community resources and to be certain their voice is heard in court. Ms. Dunwiddie also assists victims in navigating the court process as well as coping with the trauma of the assault. She also provides support during the court process and during times of crisis. Ms. Dunwiddie is available for counseling with Domestic Violence victims, if needed.

86th District Court
The Prosecutor's Office also works closely with the 86th District Court Domestic Violence Court, where cases are fast-tracked so that the disruption to the family is lessened. Probation officers who specialize in domestic violence cases work closely with offenders, who are often ordered to attend classes in healthy relationships, substance abuse treatment or to address other needs.