Proof of Residency and Income 

Clients who receive only transportation or Bata passes, are required to provide proof of residency and income, prior to receipt of their passes/ coupons. Clients may choose to decline to provide income, however, to do so requires that we charge the client the highest level on the sliding fee scale.

BATA Passes

Clients can purchase 1 pass per month, up to 12 passes per year. Each pass has a value of $33.75. Charges for these services are determined using the sliding fee scale shown below and are based on the client's income.

Transportation Coupons

Clients are able to purchase a packet of 8 transportation coupons which are valued at $5 each, up to 12 packets per year in bundles of 4 sets of coupons at a time. Updated annual income is requested for these services. Charges are determined using the sliding fee scale shown below and are based on the client's income. Clients may pick from the list of companies that contract with the Commission on Aging to accept these coupons. See our Transportation Brochure for more information. Please contact us at 231-922-4688 to find out more about Transportation Coupons.  

Sliding Fee Scale 

Charges for services are determined based on the client's income using the sliding fee scales shown below.

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2024 Transportation Needs Assessment

Reliable transportation is vital for the health and well-being of a community. The Grand Traverse County Commission on Aging needs your help as we assess senior transportation needs in our county. With your input, we can gain a better understanding of your specific transportation issues, concerns and needs. The Grand Traverse County Commission on Aging seeks to understand how our senior residents get to their destinations and what transportation issues they frequently face so we will be in a better position to implement solutions and improvements that will greatly benefit our Grand Traverse County seniors. 

Please note the following:

  • Answers are anonymous/confidential (name/address will not be shared)
  • It is important to complete each question.
  • It is important to specify your age range.
  • Answering the survey does not affect one’s ability to obtain transportation vouchers from COA.

 Please use the following link to complete our Transportation Needs Assessment Survey. All responses remain confidential. 

Transportation Needs Assessment Survey