Bicycle Safety

Safety Guide 

When using the roads, a cyclist is required to follow certain laws intended to ensure that cyclists use reasonable caution and safe cycling practices.
The laws include the following provisions:

  • Ride Bike Reasonably Close to the Right Curb
  • Riding Bicycles on Sidewalks
  • Riding Two (2) Abreast a Bicycle
  • Use of Hand Signals While Riding a Bicycle
  • Lights When Riding a Bicycle at night
  • Riding Double on a Bicycle
  • Brakes on a Bicycle
  • Riding a Bike While Attached to a Vehicle
  • Carrying Packages While Cycling
  • Limited Access Highway
  • Parking a Bicycle
  • Bicycle Helmets and Cell Phones

For more information visit Michigan Bicycle Law.

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Teaching Children to Ride

Bicycle Helmets

Everyone, regardless of age or cycling experience, should wear a bike helmet. Your life might depend on it!
Fitting a Bike Helmet (PDF)
Helmet Fit Test (PDF)
Be a "Role Model".  Wear a helmet (PDF)
Demonstrating Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness: A How-to-guide (PDF)
Many cities and states have bike lanes and laws that protect bicycle riders. But riders are still at risk of being hit by cars. Therefore, you need to ride carefully, obey the laws, and watch for other vehicles. Always be prepared to stop or take evasive action.

The brain is fragile and easily injured. Even a simple fall can cause brain damage that may leave you with lifelong problems.  When riding a bike, everyone, including adults, should wear helmets.