Correctional Officer Testing

State Testing

Beginning March 1, 2013, any candidate wishing to be considered for a correctional officer position must pass the EMPCO written test for local corrections officer candidates administered by the State of Michigan. The cost associated with completion of this requirement is the responsibility of the candidates. Candidates can access the written examination application process and a list of testing sites and dates by going to the EMPCO website and clicking the "Candidates and Applicants>Sheriffs' Offices Position" and select the state. Be sure to check "any county, including Grand Traverse County", for which you may be interested in employment. You can contact the Michigan Sheriff's Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) office directly at 517-999-7282 for any additional questions regarding this test.

Effective March 1, 2014, Correctional Officer candidates are also expected to pass a Local Corrections Officer Physical Ability Test for local corrections officer candidates as recognized and approved by the Michigan Sheriff's Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) effective March 1, 2014. Contact MSCTC directly at 517-999-7292 for testing sites

Physical Agility Testing

All candidates for correctional officer job openings are also required to take a physical agility test. Testing is typically conducted by invitation only. A passing score must be achieved prior to further consideration. Applicants should come dressed appropriately for the physical portion and for all weather conditions, as a component of the physical is conducted outdoors.

The physical agility testing consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run. Physical requirements are based on age and gender.  Physical Agility Testing