Road Patrol Testing

Application Requirements
To be considered for a Road Patrol Deputy position, all applicants must either be currently certified or certifiable through the State of Michigan/MCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.) Out-of-State deputies/police officers or for those whose certification has expired can contact the State of Michigan for information on MCOLES certification by either calling (517) 322-1417 or visiting their website.

Written & Physical Agility Test Requirements

All candidates for road patrol deputy job openings are also required to take both a written test and physical agility test, usually administered on the same day. Testing is typically conducted by invitation only. Passing scores on both tests must be achieved prior to further consideration. Applicants should come dressed appropriately for the physical portion and for all weather conditions, as a component of the physical is conducted outdoors.

Written Test

The written test consists of:
  • 100 Vocabulary questions
  • 36 Reading Comprehension questions
  • 25-word Spelling test
The vocabulary and reading comprehension tests are timed and are provided in a multiple-choice question and answer format. The spelling test is administered by a proctor who reads each word twice and allows a few minutes for review after all 25 words are read.

Physical Agility Test
Immediately following the written test, a short break is allowed and the physical agility testing is then conducted. The physical testing consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run. Physical requirements are based on age and gender.