Campaign Finance

Local political committees are required to file a statement of organization with the County Clerk or Michigan Department of State's Bureau of Elections (Campaign Finance).  

State of Michigan - Campaign Finance Disclosure 

2020/2021 Campaign Finance - Common Dates(PDF)
Campaign Finance Disclosure Training - for Candidates 2018 (State of Michigan)

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Statement of Organization

Campaign Finance Reports

ID # Committee Name Statement of Organization Pre-Election Report Post-Election Report
38203 Committee to Elect Richard I. Lewis 5/7/2021 Due 10/22 Due 12/2
38196 Mi Stanley for City Commission Due 10/22 Due 12/2
38086 Mark Wilson for Traverse City 7/23/2021 Waiver Waiver
38203 Committee to Elect Mitchell Treadwell 8/9/2021 Due 10/22 Due 12/2