Family Support Court 
The 13th Circuit Court Family Support Court Support Court is designed for persons who have difficulty obtaining and/or maintaining employment and paying child support. The program helps identify your impediments and challenges and creates a plan with you to reduce them and ultimately obtain full-time, sustainable employment. 

As a person struggling to make consistent child support payments, this program is especially designed for you.  As you enter this voluntary, intensively supervised program, you will need to be motivated to making changes.  This program is accessible regardless of race, religion, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status or age. 

Each year over 1 million marriages end in divorce in the United States. When divorce happens, people feel alone and wonder how anyone else lived through it. Start Making It Livable for Everyone (SMILE), is a program for separating/divorced parents with minor children.

The developers of this program have worked with hundreds of divorcing families having difficulties with time sharing, parenting roles, and other divorce-related issues. This program will provide some information about the effects of divorce and what parents can do to make the divorce situation livable. 

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The Parents and Children Together (PACT) program is designed specifically for never married parents of minor children involved in paternity and family support cases.  Cooperative co-parenting, communication and parenting styles are addressed with focus on children’s needs; especially their need for both parents. 

Parenting Class by Child & Family Services