Phase 1: Assessment
  • 2-4 weeks in duration
Assessment and development of individualized plan. During this phase you are required to participate in comprehensive assessment to identify your strengths and challenges to obtaining and maintaining employment.

Phase 2: Working Your Plan
  • 4 weeks in duration
Active participation in your individualized plan. This phases consists of the following:
  • Working to accomplish the tasks identified in individualized treatment for obtaining and maintaining employment.
  • Weekly meetings with Service Coordinators.
  • Review hearings with Judge/Referee 2-3 times each month.
Phase 3: Development of Employability Skills
  • 4 weeks in duration
In addition to tasks of phase 2, you are also placed in a community organization to assist in your development of healthy employment skills.

Phase 4: Employment
  • 90 days
You will achieve regular employment and receive on-going support through MiWorks and Service Coordinators for up to 90 days after regular employment is obtained.

If at any time during the program you obtain employment and an income withholding order is in effect, or you are regularly paying child support, participant may move to Phase 4.