About the Office

Circuit Court Records
The Circuit Court Records office maintains the court records for all civil court documents including:
  • Appeals from a lower court
  • Business claims
  • Civil damage suits
  • Corporate receivership
  • Divorce without minor children
  • Employment discrimination
Cases that originated prior to 2001 involving divorce with minor children, paternity and family support are also filed in this office.

This office also maintains criminal court files for felony cases. Felony cases are any offenses that are punishable by a year or more in jail. Any fines or restitution imposed on the defendant are paid through this office. Felony cases are available in the online criminal records database.

Family Court Records
The Family Court Records office was established in 2001 to maintain all domestic relations court cases including:
  • Divorce with minor children
  • Family support
  • Name changes
  • Paternity
  • Personal protection orders
All of the  listed family court cases are available in the online civil records database.

In addition, the Family Court Records office also maintains court files for juvenile offenses, adoptions, neglect and abuse of children, and personal protection orders against minors. Although theses files are available for public access during regular business hours (with the exception of adoption files), they are not available on the online civil records database.