CK - Contracts

Grand Traverse County

  1. (SUPPLEMENT) Muskegon Development Co. et al. v Chesapeake Energy Corp. et al. 11-8634-CK(b)
  2. 4M Communications, Inc v Woodland Oil Company Farmers Gas & Oil of MI 00-21253-CK
  3. AMCO Investment Co. v Tellurex Corporation, Charles J. Cauchy, and Gregory Smith 98-18047-CK
  4. Amy L. Dewildt v Reliance National Insurance Company 00-19933-CK
  5. Arizona Instrument, Inc. v Plastics Product Review 99-19605-CK
  6. Arthur Kobierzynski v General Retirement System of The City of Detroit et al. 97-16402-CK
  7. Bay Business Services, Inc. v Thomas K. Jolitz 01-21823-CK
  8. Bay Hill II Limited Dividend Housing Assoc Ltd Partnership v Hallmark Construction Inc 01-21545-CK
  9. Bay Oil Company v Ray A. and David B. Sutherland, GCS Oil Co., Stephen H. Sutherland and Sutherland Oil Inc. 90-8164-CK
  10. Boston Finance Group, LLC v Power-Tec Manufacturing, LLC, et al. File No. 12-28975-CK
  11. Brad Saffron and Elaine Saffron and Goodin & Bigelow Construction Inc. v CH&P Drilling CO 92-10653 & 54-CK
  12. Carolyn Weed, individually and owner/president of C. Weed, Inc. v Pam Richards Yeager and John Yeager 90-7831-CK
  13. Cellere, LLC v Site Acquisitions, Inc., d/b/a SAI Communications 09-27336-CK
  14. Charles D. Davis v Superior Telecom of Traverse City, Inc. et al. 90-8278-CK
  15. Choice Homes, Inc. v Edward Chemosky and July Chemosky 03-23201-CK
  16. Empire Oil & Gas, Inc. v Global Natural Resources Corporation of Nevada 92-9633-CK
  17. Eugene Kowieski and Wanda Kowieski v Lueck Construction and Remodeling 07-25721-CK
  18. F. Matthew Smith, M.D. v Steven V. Thomas, M.D. 05-24879-CK
  19. Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company v John Johnson, Conservator 05-24642-CK
  20. Grand Traverse Mall Limited Partnership v Robin Simpson and Rags, Inc. 93-10807-CK
  21. Honor State Bank v West American Insurance Company 90-7855-CK
  22. Hospitalists of Northwest Michigan P.L.L.C. v Ernest G. Fischer, III, M.D. 09-27718-CK
  23. Investors Title Insurance Company v Leo Mayer and Barbara Mayer 05-24761-CK
  24. James F. Johnson v Michigan Motel Brokers, Inc. 94-12198-CK
  25. James McDonnell, D.O. et al. v Michael Colburn, M.D. et al 07-26179-CK
  26. James W. Boyd, Trustee v jordan Development Company, L.L.C. 12-29182-CK
  27. John D. and Barbara O'Hair et al v Oil Niagaran LLC et al. 11-8645-CK
  28. John D. and Barbara O'Hair, et al. v Oil Niagaran LLC, et al. File No. 11-08645-CK
  29. Johnson Family Limited Partnership v White Pine Wireless, LLC 06-25433-CK
  30. Johon D. Talbott v Oil Niagaran LLC et al. 11-8669-CK
  31. Judy Beth Aebig v Gretchen Cox and Terry Cox and Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors 02-22039-CK
  32. Lawrence Cook and Lynda Cook v Western Land Services, Inc. et al. 11-8654-CK
  33. Leo Kreiser v William F. Clous and Toni L. Clous 01-21759-CK
  34. Marvin Radtke, Jr. v Blair Township and Patrick Pahl 06-25352-CK
  35. Michigan Bidco, Inc. v Village Cable TV of Michigan, Inc. 00-20781-CK
  36. Michigan Consolidated Gas Company v Savoy Oil & Gas, Inc. Shareholder Trust and Thomas C. Pangborn 95-13656-CKg
  37. MMH Centers, Inc. v American Behavior Consultants, Corp et al. 04-23754-CK
  38. Molon Excavating, Inc. v Bryan Punturo 00-20839-CK
  39. Muskegon Development Co. et al. v Chesapeake Energy Corp. et al. 11-8634-CK(a)
  40. Northwestern Bank v Clifford E. James 04-23673-CKc
  41. Old Kent Insurance Group, Inc. v Glenn R. Coughenour and The McNish Agency, Inc. 00-20365-CK
  42. Passageways Travel Service, Inc. v Kevin F., Dennis P., and Tamera S. Hamilton 09-27364-CK
  43. Paul Steven Reszka v North Country Bank and Trust and American Financial Mortgage Corp. 03-22601-CK
  44. Richard R. Geer v Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company 03-22889-CK
  45. Richard S. Tasch v Michael Niedzielski 01-21625-CK
  46. Ruth Ann Liebziet, d/lo/a H L Electric v Northwood Industries, Inc. et al. 91-9063-CK
  47. Stephen J.P. Oliver & Associates Ltd. v LPR Energy, LLC 06-25116-CK
  48. Stephen Sutherland et al. v Crystal Flash Limited Partnership of MI et al. 93-11623-CK
  49. Tim Nieboer and Stephanie Nieboer v John A. Paxson, Sr. et al. 00-20027-CK
  50. W. G. Enterprises, Inc. v TCLP and the City of Traverse City 93-11292-CK
  51. William J. Strickler et al. v The RAO Group, Inc and/or RAO Wholesale Tire Centers, Inc 97-15735-CK

Outside Circuit Assignments