The Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes cases against juveniles under the age of 17, when they have committed a crime or a status offense (activity that violates a law that only applies to minors – for example, truancy).

The goal of these cases is to protect the safety of the community, ensure victim’s rights and that victim’s are compensated for their losses, and to rehabilitate juveniles. To reach these goals, the Prosecutor’s Office works with:
  • The Family Court Judge
  • The Family Court Referees
  • The juvenile
  • The juvenile’s family
  • Law enforcement
  • The probation officer
  • Various community service providers
  • The victim
The Prosecutor’s Office is also a member of the Behavioral Treatment Court and Juvenile Sobriety Court teams.  These are the most intensive court services provided to qualifying juveniles, with hearings on a biweekly basis.

  • To report a crime committed by a juvenile under the age of 17, contact your local law enforcement agency.
  • For crisis intervention services, contact Third Level at 231-922-4800 or 800-442-7315 or visit their website.