Friend of the Court Handbook


This Friend of the Court Handbook (PDF) provides information about the services of the Antrim, Grand Traverse and Leelanau County Friend of the Court Office (FOC). There will be a relationship between your family and the FOC for several years to come. We desire this relationship to be a good one, and, we trust the information in this handbook will be helpful. You will gain the greatest benefit from this handbook if you read it in its entirety.

FOC procedures and policies are based on the law. The laws regarding domestic relations change frequently. This handbook has been prepared based on current statutory requirements.
Family separation is extremely difficult for both parents and children. Parents can help their children by establishing regular routines and encouraging frequent and regular contact between children and the co-parent. Parents can also be supportive by encouraging the other parent’s involvement in the children’s day-to-day life through participation in school and other activities. The timely exchange of information regarding the children’s well-being is also recommended.

While you, your co-parent and the children no longer share the same home, the responsibilities and the rewards of being a parent continue forever. Your children will always want you both to be part of their lives, to attend high school or college graduations, to be at their weddings, the birth of their children, and participate in other major life events. Children want to proudly say that despite what mom and dad may have felt toward one another, they always treated each other with courtesy and respect and never put us (the children) in the middle of their dispute.

Friend of the Court Handbook (PDF)