Hearing & Vision Screening Program

Hearing Laughter ... Seeing Smiles

As required by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), the Grand Traverse County Health Department offers free hearing and vision screening services to children throughout Grand Traverse County. Screenings are offered at local schools throughout the school year, and also at the Health Department by appointment.


The goal of our program is to identify children with potential hearing and/or vision concerns and assist them in finding care.  Often, children may not recognize a deficit in their hearing or vision, particularly if it occurs unilaterally (in only one ear/eye), or over time.  Early detection, and treatment if necessary, can greatly enhance a child’s success in school.

MDHHS Screening Guidelines

Routine screenings are provided in area schools based upon the MDHHS guidelines below.  Children who fall outside of MDHHS guidelines may still receive screenings based upon parent request, school request, or follow up requirements.  While our goal is to reach every eligible child, various circumstances may prevent a student from receiving a screening at their school.  Families are encouraged to contact the Health Department for screening services.

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