Old Town Corner - 147 E. Eighth St.

Old Town-beforeSite History

The Property had residential structure since at least 1899. Originally, the structure was used as a single-family residence. Over time, the house was converted into apartments.


The Project revitalized the corner with a 3‐story mixed use building with 1st floor commercial (4,069 square feet), 5 residential units (13,234 square feet total) on floors two through three, and an attached private parkingoldtown corner garage (2,961 square feet) with 7 parking spaces.

Project Success 

Wolverine Cabinet Co., Bulldog’s Barbershop, and Fit20 are a few businesses occupying the commercial space available.  There are 5 condominiums above both the parking garage on the north end of the building, and on the third floor above the commercial space on the south end of the building.