Traverse City Cast

Site History
The former Traverse City Gray Iron works was located near the entrance of the Traverse City Industrial Park along Aero Park Drive. The sudden bankruptcy of the company resulted in various wastes being left in an abandoned state as workers dispossessed from an employer, left their work stations forever. In addition to numerous drums of unknown waste substances, the historic use of the property included an underground storage tank (UST) release as well as the widespread storage of used casting and mold sands. The suddenly abandoned and long idled property became an attractive nuisance for vandals and as result, the property quickly became blight upon the community.

Redevelopment & Project Success

This site is now the location of Clark Manufacturing, a 55,000 square foot machine shop which employs between 30 and 50 workers. The company made the move to this facility in late 2008, and has allowed for private expansion within the City limits. Since this project began, the tax base has increased by nearly 150% and the County and local taxing jurisdictions will see these revenues as soon as 2021.  This project was completed in early 2019.