River West- 305 W. Front St.

Site History

This site was developed in the late 1890’s and housed the Potato ImplemRiver West 2-5-2020ent Company, which manufactured potato tools and corn planters.  Between 1929-1946 ownership of the property transferred to Acmeline Manufacturing, which manufactured sprayers and planting equipment.  In the 1960’s the property was transferred to the Grand Traverse Auto Dealership where it was utilized as a car sales lot.  

According to aerial photographs, the manufacturing building was removed between 1952-1964.  Based on former uses of the site; sampling was initiated. Results included levels of total lead and arsenic above the residential criteria. 


Proposed redevelopment of the property Phase 1 will develop approximately 140,000 sq.ft. of retail, residential, office, and commercial space on the western corridor. 

Phase 2 of the development is planned to be condominiums over a parking garage with a 5000 sq. ft. restaurant.  Construction is anticipated to occur in Spring of 2020. 

Phase 1 construction broke ground Fall 2019 and is currently under construction. River West progress photo