East Bay Plaza

Site HistoryIMG_0630

The property was vacant undeveloped land prior to 1952.  In the mid 1960's a strip mall center was developed, and renovated in 1994 for East Bay Plaza.  Operations within the Plaza included a Dry Cleaning Company.  The Plaza development property also included two service stations along Munson Avenue.  

Redevelopment/Future Plans

The substantial reshaping of land use, site environmental preparation activities and infrastructure caused the need for new environmental prep activities such as clean up of the PCE Plume, monitor subsurface issues from 1940's station and due care plan for detention basins.  New water and sewer hook ups along with storm water infiltration system and minor street escapes help to add to public infrastructure.  

Between 7 and 10 new buildings are proposed to be developed; from affordable housing units, restaurants, public transportation hub, retail, storage facility, and mixed use spaces.  


As of 2019 the proposed environmental clean up has been completed on the developed land. infrastructure has been improved and three new buildings have been completed offering locations for numerous businesses' like Arbys, Verizon, Dominos, The Soup Cup, and Tropical Smoothie.  

There may be additional construction and environmental remediation coming at this location in the near future.