Site History
Redevelopment started at 5246 North Royal Drive in Garfield Township by VanWagoner-Goble LLC in 1999. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performed an initial assessment of the site and identified that a transformer and electrical equipment salvage operations caused contamination of soil with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). US EPA placed the property on the national registry of contaminated sites. Subsequent studies by prospective purchasers also identified stained soil, scrap transformers, and 55-gallon drums. Soil testing also revealed contamination by various metals and chlorinated solvents. The Brownfield Redevelopment plan supported proper disposal of wastes and evaluation of soil impacts upon shallow groundwater quality.
VanWagoner Redevelopment
This site is now home to a 9,000-square-foot medical facility operated by the Traverse City Medical Center. Two businesses operate within the complex: Excel Physical Therapy and MVP Orthopedics. Since the cleanup and subsequent redevelopment, the taxable value of the property has increased by nearly $1.35 million, 25 full-time jobs were created, and the County and local taxing jurisdictions can expect to recognize a 27.8% increase in tax revenues in 2011.

Project Success
This project is now complete with the new tax increases going to all taxing jurisdictions in 2011. As an example, Garfield Township recognized $129.23 in yearly taxes in 1999. Now the Township will recognize $3,726.19 in yearly taxes.